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Lovelaw was a page with info regarding an album CD of that name, a collection of songs recorded at Viking Studios, Jacob Rhodes producer.  It has been supplanted by another site, a collection of the songs I've written since 1969, in batches of ten, about 20 "albums".... free listening or purchase as download

Love Law


12 Songs written & performed
Tom Ferguson

produced by Jacob Rhodes
The Viking Drive Sessions
Lyrically these songs are reflective on the subject of Being, celebrating a paradigm of joy and creativity – alternative 
to the frightened ego. They diverge, often, into protest
mode, mostly exploring power relations and their collateral
damage. Musically they are straight-forward, unadorned, guitar-accompanied vocals.

"I think it profound and original. No mockery or fake stuff. The words
like nature. They ride with the music amazingly personal
and direct and free of what we tire from. Everything is real.
I am glad to have this well played."
Ronnog Seaberg, Atlanta Poet 1932-2007

2007 Tom Ferguson                                                                          
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